Original works for the stage and screen…

Anthropocene Teen
(musical comedy, fantasy)
Meet Lexy Rocket, the scrawny tomboy-with-a-twist. Follow Lexy as she is dragged into a world of love, murder, crooked politics and the most serious of all – adolescence.
See Act I Scene I here…

The Protesters
A well meaning but motley group of protesters gather for a cause. The day seems to be running just like any other protest day, until an unexpected member arrives. 

Boys And Their Toys
A mockumentary highlighting the pressures of the modern stay at home father. S.A.H.F.'s, as they are more commonly known.
Now That's Romance
A short story about pure and simple love - on another planet.

The Retiring Age
(dark comedy)
Poor old Reginald Splank has been informed that he must return to work at the age of 90. This mockumentary goes under the hood of the new retiring age enforced by the government.
Keep It Civil
(dark comedy, sci-fi)
When the law fails us, necessity becomes the mother of re-invention.

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